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What We Offer

The Community Health Program main number is (360) 645-3245 can be used to access all services offered.  This number is answered by Sherry Swan, Community Health Coordinator who will take your information and give it to the appropriate person to help you; we will get back to you as soon as possible.

​Do you have a need and aren’t sure who you should ask?  Call us, we will work with you to get you to the appropriate person or program to assist you!  

Patient Support Services (PSS)– If you were referred to a medical appointment off-reservation, you may be eligible for the Patient Support Services Program.  This program provides financial assistance to help offset expenses related to travel to these appointments. If you would like more information, or need to apply for assistance, please call the Community Health number at (360) 645-3245.
1)Patients who have Apple Health, receive fuel assistance through the Paratransit Program; we can provide information and assistance for applying to Paratransit.
2)If you are sent to the Emergency Room by a STIHC Provider or the Careline, you are eligible for PSS.  To apply for emergency assistance, please call 360-645-3245.
3)If you are requesting a Medical Transport or Patient Support Services, please call us as soon as you have your appointment scheduled to apply.  Applications not received 2 work days prior to the appointment will likely not be processed prior to your scheduled appointment; in this case, you will receive your assistance after the appointment.
Pharmacy Pick-ups – If you have a medication that needs to be picked up at an outside pharmacy, we can pick it up on most weekdays!  Please call the Community Health number at (360) 645-3245 for more information or to request a medication pick-up.


Transport & Support

Medical Transportation –If you need a ride to a medical appointment off reservation, we can complete a telephone application for you.  To apply, please call the Community Health number at (360) 645-3245.
If you are transported to the Emergency Room and need a ride home from the hospital, during business hours call (360) 645-3245.  After hours TEXT a message to (360) 640-0255 (the Nurse at the hospital can assist you with this). 

Hospital Discharge

Discharge from Hospital – If you were sent to the hospital or have a surgery scheduled, please call us so we can work with your medical team to ensure that everything you need when you come home is arranged.  Often patients receive prescriptions for new medications, need durable medical equipment (wheelchairs, etc.) or a follow-up visit with their primary care provider.  We can help make sure that your aftercare happens smoothly.  Please call the Community Health number at (360) 645-3245 to let us know you are scheduled for surgery or that you are in the hospital.

Home Visits

Home visits for elderly or ill patients who need a Nurse or CHR to check on them due to  medical conditions.  These visits are ordered by the patient's primary care provider.  If you believe that you or a family member could benefit from a Medical Home Visit (not the same as an appointment with your provider), call the Community Health number at (360) 645-3245.​


Shuttle – If you have a local appointment at STIHC or the Wellness Center and do not have a ride, please call the Community Health number at (360) 645-3245 at least 30 minutes before your scheduled appointment.  Note -we are closed between 12-1 pm for lunch, so if you have an appointment at 1 pm, please call by 11:30 AM.

Durable Medical Equipment

If your primary care provider tells you that you need an item such as a wheelchair, shower chair, walker, etc. for short-term use, we may have one you can borrow.  Please call the Community Health number at (360) 645-3245.

tiči·dač̓at Well Visits

Scheduled quarterly visits with your primary care provider for patients with a diagnosis of diabetes.  These appointments are held at the Wellness Center. Valarie Kaser, Nurse Care Coordinator will call you to schedule these appointments.  If you have a question for Valarie, please call the Community Health number at (360) 645-3245.

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