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Patient Transport Services

Patient Transport Services

Please note: Non-Urgent/Emergent requests may be denied if not received 2 working days in advance.

Do you have questions?  Call the Transport Coordinator at

(360) 645-3245

New form for Patient Transport Services!

If you have Medicaid and use Paratransit Services. Please bring this form to your provider have them fill it out and turn in with your request for fuel assistance. please use the link below or pick one up at the Wellness Center.


Medical Transports

  • We have limited driver and vehicle availability! Patients with non-urgent appointments may be asked to reschedule or find another ride to their appointment; fuel assistance will be offered.

  • Multiple patients are scheduled in the same vehicle whenever possible

  • Multiple Appointments? Complete a Medical Transport Program application for each appointment

  • Phone applications are accepted for medically fragile patients only

  • You are responsible to notify the doctor’s office if you are cancelling this appointment

  • Pick-up times may change; we will call you the day before to notify you of pick-up time

  • Requests for a specific driver are not guaranteed

  • Provide us with 24 hours advance notice if the appointment and/or transport are cancelled

  • Bring your insurance cards to all medical appointments

Patient Support Services

  • This is an Assistance Program.  As such, monetary assistance provided will likely not cover all expenses incurred, but is meant to off-set expenses.

  • In the event you are informed of an appointment with less than 2 days’ notice, submit application immediately, however, you will need to pay for the expenses up-front and submit receipts incurred by travel to the appointment.  We will reimburse no more than the amount you would have received according to actual receipts submitted); reimbursement will be made within 10 business days. 

  • Out of area medical appointments must have been referred by a STIHC Medical Provider to be eligible.

  • Patients with Apple Health must apply for assistance with fuel, ferry, parking, and motel through the Paratransit Program and are not eligible for assistance through this program for services provided by Paratransit.  The Transport Coordinator can help you apply to the Paratransit Program. 

  • Patients with Apple Health may apply for assistance with meals (for patient only).

  • If you apply to the Paratransit Program and are denied for their services, let us know and we will see if you qualify for assistance through this Program; you must first apply to Paratransit to be considered.  If less than 2 business days’ notice to this Program of Paratransit denial, patient may need to pay expenses up-front and be reimbursed per policy guidelines.

  • The Patient Support Services Program is an Income Based Program.  Depending on your income, you may be eligible for full or partial assistance.  You may be asked to provide proof of household income; household income is defined by people who reside with you and share financial resources.  The Program reserves the right to verify household income and stated # of household members; if the information submitted is found to be misstated, the patient may be suspended from the Program according to Program Policy.

  • Patients over 65 years of age are automatically eligible for assistance through this Program.

  • Patients experiencing Medical Emergencies (referred by STIHC only) are automatically eligible for this Program (income guideline requirements not applicable).

  • Generally, assistance check may be picked up between 4:45 PM and 5:00 PM the day before, or on the day of your appointment (providing it was turned in 2 business days in advance).

  • Assistance monies may be used as needed toward meals, fuel, ferry, parking, tolls; you do not need to submit receipts for this type of assistance.

  • If the appointment is cancelled for any reason, return the Assistance Check promptly to the Program.

  • If you do not go to your appointment, but cash the Assistance Check, you are required to reimburse the Program for the full amount of assistance received.

  • I agree that I will not accept duplicate assistance (ie. fuel from both Paratransit and this Program, or meal money for patient from MTC Social Services and this Program, etc.).

  • If you apply for assistance with motels, you must return your receipt verifying funds provided were used for that purpose. 

  • If you are denied assistance through this Program, you have the right to request an appeal according to the Patient Support Services Program Policy.  Decisions made according to the Appeal Process will be considered final.

  • If you fail to comply with Program Policies and Procedures, you will be required to repay assistance monies received or be suspended from the Program. 

  • If you receive financial assistance toward a motel, you must return a receipt to this program as proof that the motel funds were utilized for that purpose.  We do not cover the entire cost of a motel or book the motel for the Patient Support Services Program applicants. 

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