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How are you?

If you'd like to make a comment or file a complaint, there are four ways to do so:
1. Complete this online form
2. Complete a Patient/Client Comment Form at any STIHC front desk (at any of our facilities)
3. Write to us at:
STIHC Quality and Safety
PO BOX 410
Neah Bay, WA 98357

4. Call the Quality and Safety Manager, Elizabeth Buckingham, at 360-640-2518. 

What to expect next:
If you've asked for follow-up and provided contact information, we will respond within 15 business days. If you have an urgent medical concern related to your comment or complaint, please call a medical provider (STIHC Medical Clinic is 360-645-2441 during regular business hours). If you're experiencing a medical emergency call 911.

Thank you for taking the time to help us improve our services! 

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