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Emergency Preparedness

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In the event of a major earthquake 
the first step is to survive. 

When the ground stops shaking, grab your go-bag and evacuate to higher ground.
​Do not wait for a siren - we may only have 10 minutes before the wave hits. 
If you can walk DO NOT TAKE YOUR CAR - the roads will likely be damaged and/or traffic congestion will actually slow you down. Please leave road space for those elderly and disabled who truly need a ride. 


There are several skills that will be crucial for you and your family's survival during a major disaster. 

  • Physical strength to get to higher ground quickly and to carry supplies

  • Tolerance for discomfort

  • Know when and how to shut off utilities (and have the tools to do so!)

  • How to find, hunt and prepare food

  • How to sanitize water

  • Wilderness First Aid

  • Building a shelter

  • Building a fire (and putting out a fire!) 

  • Navigation 

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