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Our Goals at STIHC


is to build positive, compassionate and effective partnerships
with all STIHC patients, community members, guests and employees,
and through these partnerships to provide excellent healthcare and wellness services.


is that all members of the Makah Nation and the community of Neah Bay
​are healthy and thriving in wellness. ​


We are fully accredited by the Accreditation  Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC).  To gain this recognition, we must meet rigorous standards for care, safety, patient confidentiality, facilities and quality improvement. 
All of our professional staff meet or exceed all credentialing and/or privileging requirements.
We welcome your suggestions regarding the care we provide.  Your input will allow us to make the necessary changes in our efforts towards excellent healthcare for healthier, happier lives.

The Story of STIHC

written by Elizabeth Buckingham, STIHC Quality & Safety Officer
The Sophie Trettevick Indian Health Center is named after our own Sophie Trettevick, our first Makah nurse that consistently brought western medicine to our Tribe. Sophie began her nursing career in the 1940’s. She carried a little black bag to administer medications, vaccine and take care of what ever ailed us. She would also travel  to La Push routinely to provide medical care there as well.
Later in 1959 the first medical clinic was established by the Indian Health Service at the location near Sam Johnson’s house. Then finally, the clinic was established at 250 Fort Street in 1970. In 1985 or so, the Indian Health Service named the current 250 Fort Street Clinic, the Sophie Trettevick Indian Health Center. This was the first Indian Health Service clinic named after a nurse. I was able to work with Sophie for a short time when I was young. I will always carry her lessons with me as she demonstrated how we care for our patients and how we view our jobs. She was amazing.
It is our hope that when you come here for care, you will feel Sophie’s qualities
of clinical expertise, dedication and compassion.

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